How much do your headshot sessions cost?

Our sessions start at $400 and go up from there based on how many looks you are looking for. We currently offer a student rate and group rates. Please use the form on the CONTACT page to inquire about rates.

Do your sessions include Make Up & Hair?

Why, yes, they do! All prices you will see on our rate sheet include either just Make Up or Make up AND Hair. We are firm believers that in order for you to look your best self, having a professional do your hair and make up on the day is a must. Morgan has 10+ years in the business and always listens to her clients as she wants you to feel as much like yourself as possible.

What if I want to do my own Make Up?

Unfortunately with us, that is not an option. Every photo you see on my website or social media had a make up artist present at the shoot, including the men. And more than likely ANY headshot you look at and love probably had a make up artist present. Coming from one actor to another, I will never get headshots taken again without using one because you will just look 100 times better from the start. And Morgan knows make up for the camera. What you do on an every day basis is sometimes too much or not enough for the camera.

Are there any additional charges that aren't included in the packages?

The only extra charges are if you want extra looks/edits, need your proofs/edits expedited, or want to include Hair in a session that does not include it. Everything else from edits to a hi-res download of your session is included in the pricing.

What is a "look"?

Great question and each photographer has a different answer for this. For me, a look is done when we change the base of it. So, if you put on a t-shirt, then throw a cardigan over it, but also brought a leather jacket that you want to pair with it, and then want to add some glasses and/or change your hair, that would ALL be considered one look to me. Once we change that t-shirt, we are moving on to the next look.

What kind of clothing should I bring?

I love clothing that not only has great color, but also great texture. And by texture I mean heathered, faded, woven, something that is not just your typical cotton. Now, don't get me wrong, a cotton t-shirt is totally fine, but adding a little bit of texture to your wardrobe is just going to make it pop more. I tell everyone to bring an assortment of t-shirts, tank tops, sweaters, cardigans, blouses, dress shirts, jackets, blazers, pants, skirts, dresses, and sometimes that means bringing your whole closet and that is perfectly fine! The more options we have to work with, the more likely you will get photos you love. 

With that being said, I always tell people to bring clothing that they feel great in or constantly get complimented on. Also, if you have had a piece of clothing for more than two years, I usually ask that you go buy a new one of it for the shoot as we don't want your clothing to look "used". You can always return it after the shoot. Like I said above, the more options you bring, the more fun we will be able to have.

What is a typical session like?

Prior to your session, we will chat about where you see yourself in this business and what shots, whether headshots or editorial, catch your eye. This helps me understand what you as an actor/performer are attracted to and the parts that you will be going out for. We'll chat about what clothing works for those types and what doesn't, we can even put a couple outfits together before you arrive.

On the day of the shoot, you will show up with your suitcase of options in tow. 90s music will probably be blasting when you walk in, but we can listen to whatever you want to. Music definitely helps make the whole experience less stressful. We will unpack all of your clothing options and while Morgan does your hair and makeup, I will be looking at the clothes. Once Morgan is done, you will get in front of the camera and we will have some fun.

I'm all about the client taking control in our sessions as that allows the genuine you to shine in the photos. What I mean by this is that there are no wrong choices in my studio. You can sit how you want to, stand how you do on a daily basis, you can even lie on the ground if you want to, BUT I'm there to be your director, so you might not stay on the ground for too long. Together, we will get some awesome photos that you will be proud to walk in to any audition room with.

How long does it take to get my proofs?

You will have a link in your email no later than 48 hrs after your session. From that link you will be able to view your photos, allow others to view them, and download hi-res versions of all photos for you to have for the rest of your life.

Should I get my photos edited?

The simple answer, YES. If you plan to use any on your website, in promotional materials, or get them printed, then I highly suggest you get them edited. I do my best to make each photo as perfect as possible, but there are so many things that we can do in photoshop to enhance a photo and make it 1000 times better.

How long does it take to get my edits back?

Edits take about 1 week to get back to you. You can rush them for an additional charge which is located on your rate sheet.

Do you shoot outdoors?

Unfortunately, no. By shooting indoors, we have so much more control over everything. Plus we won't have to worry about it being freezing or extremely hot, your hair constantly blowing in the breeze, or it raining. You will be a much happier, less stressed person in a studio setting as it gives you less to worry or think about.

Do I get to look at the photos while we're shooting?

I will usually choose a couple to show you, but I prefer not to show them only because I don't want you to think about anything other than being present and having a great time. When we start to look at photos, clients usually focus on all the small imperfections that can be fixed after the shoot. And I always tell my clients that you should only focus on what is happening in your eyes as that is the only thing I cannot edit, the intention in your eyes.

What if I don't like the photos, do you do reshoots?

Reshoots are at the description of the photographer. If there are technical problems with the photos, of course, we will gladly discuss a reshoot. If a reshoot is decided upon by all parties, all photos from the first session must be forfeited and cannot be used for any or all purposes.

How did you get started taking headshots?

About 5 years ago, I was taking some photography classes in college and a friend of mine said "Hey! I know you have a nice camera and I need some new shots. Can you take some?" At the time, I had no idea what I was doing, but after that first shoot I knew I had a knack for making people comfortable in front of the camera.