I am a New York based actor / photographer with a passion for people and food.  After taking a couple photography classes while attending Southern Methodist University, a friend asked me to take some new headshots for them just cause they knew I had a nice camera. And thus I began shooting headshots for my peers and realized my passion for putting people at ease in front of the camera. That was almost 8 years ago! I have also interned with a casting office, am friends with a few casting directors, and have seen first hand the importance of a headshot that looks like you. It is my mission to create a relaxed environment and capture a photo, hopefully several, that show the authentic you!

My Headshot Philosophy

Headshots today are no longer just a shot of your head. You have to stand out amongst a crowd of thousands! So how do we do that? By capturing your authentic personality and thinking outside of the “headshot box”, together we will create images that scream you and only you!

I’ve been in your position more times than I can count on my hands, so I can sympathize with you about the stress that comes with getting new headshots. But what is it that causes that stress? Usually it’s cause you’re spending such and such money not sure whether you will even get one shot you like. Or will the new shots even work for me.

First, you have complete control over your headshots. Sure you can ask your friends, agents, photographers opinion, but at the end of the day you have to be the one happy with the photo you are bringing into the room. So how do we do that?

From the minute you book with me, I’m helping you figure out the you that we need to capture. The “you” that you presently are in this current moment and not someone you plan to be or will be in 5, 10 years. I will send you a research document to fill out, which help me better understand where you see yourself in the business, and I’ll have you start to create a playlist for your session. I typically advise peopler to prep at least a month in advice for their session cause when you are prepped for the day, there is no way or where for stress to come in.

Once the research on your end is done, I’ll give you outfit/look ideas to play with. This is where you get to have some fun. No more plain colored t-shirts or jewel tone dresses (unless that’s your every day style), go out and shop for clothing that you are attracted to. You can always return things we don’t decide to use. Honestly, for my own last headshot session, I bought 3 burgundy suits just to make sure I got the one that worked the best for the idea I had in my head. If you have clothing at home that you love to wear, by all means, bring that too. However, I highly advise that if you’ve had an article of clothing for more than 2 years, go buy a new one cause the wear and tear will show in the photos.

And by that time you’ll be all ready for your shoot day. I’ll work with you on the day to help you feel comfortable in front of the camera, the music will be playing, the makeup artist will have made you look incredible and then we just get to have some fun.

I tell everyone that shooting with us is like shooting with two of your best friend: we’re going to make you laugh, dance around to 90s music (our preferred bops), and get some amazing photos that you will be proud to bring into the room!

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